Randall Rosenthal: A Passion for Carving

Randall Rosenthal is an artist with a passion for carving wood, waves, and snow. His sculptures are carved from a single block of wood and painted to look exactly like real life objects. This is a short documentary directed and filmed by John Madere, edited by Aaron Wolfe.

Takenobu Igarashi: Design And Fine Art

Takenobu Igarashi is one of Japan’s most recognized fine artists. His large scale public sculptures can be seen throughout Japan. Following a distinguished 25 year career as an internationally recognized and multi award-winning graphic designer, Igarashi decided to devote his life to sculpture. This short documentary, directed and filmed by John Madere, reveals the artist’s creative philosophy through an insightful interview accompanied by stunning imagery of his remarkable art.


Creating "Lunch Money 3.0"

My next short documentary profiles the artist and sculptor, Randall Rosenthal, whose remarkable sculptures are carved from a single block of wood and meticulously painted to look like real life objects. His favorite subject - a "box of money" seen here being created over four months in a 19 second time lapse sequence.



MONTAUK,  winner Best Documentary NYC Downtown Short Film Festival, available for the first time online. View the entire film or check out the one minute trailer below.

Just 100 miles from New York City lies one of America’s most unique small towns; it is a fishing village, a mecca for east coast surfers, and of late one of the hottest destinations for New York's chic crowd. The film reveals Montauk’s past and present through the touching and often hilarious stories told by twenty of its most fascinating and sometimes, eccentric inhabitants. Their vivid impressions are accompanied by stunning imagery, artfully capturing the beauty of Montauk and the challenges it faces with its increasing popularity.

Written, directed, and filmed by John Madere

Edited by Aaron Wolfe

Runtime: 14 minutes