Stephen Doyle

Stephen recently received the 2010 National Design Award for Communication Design.   He and I have worked on a number of projects together in the U.S. and overseas.

I chose the firm’s entrance lobby, lined with acid etched metal, and arranged a few enormous wooden letters from a previous project. He’s holding one of his paper sculptures meticulously cut from the pages of the book Poetry as a Means of Grace.

Stephen rides his bike to work almost every day. For this portrait, he put his Manhattan traffic dodging skills to work and volunteered to teeter, relaxed and unfazed, on top of this old wooden chair.

Tony Brook of the design studio, Spin, and Adrian Shaughnessy were producing a book called Studio Culture They needed photographs of Stephen at Doyle Partners’ design studio and I was able to shoot that the same day that I photographed him for my designer series.

Here are a few of the other scenes I photographed that day.

Detail from the west end of Stephen’s desk.

A corner of the studio: David Byrne poster, packaging for Martha Stewart at Macy’s, Angela.

Typographic treatments.

Entrance to the studio.

Twig type, tower of matches, pixel collage, color chips, plaster teeth.

Paper stairs, cast glass numeral, digital dollar, plaster book.

Stephen at his desk with a few of his favorite things.