Massimo Vignelli - A Short Documentary

For the past several years, I've been aware of the growing importance of moving images on the web as opposed to the traditional use of still photographs in print. That trend, along with a natural desire to broaden my creative abilities has led me to shoot some short films. Technological advances now allow a few still cameras to take extremely high quality HD videos without the complexities of motion picture film cameras. At the same time, portable devices like the iPad are greatly increasing the importance of moving images.

Shortly after the publication of my Portraits of Design piece, I decided to explore the lives of some of the same noted designers by creating a few short documentaries.

My first effort at this is a seven minute documentary about Massimo Vignelli. It was filmed at Massimo and Lella Vignelli's Manhattan design studio over the course of two days this summer.

With the help of a talented editor Aaron Wolfe, the film has turned into something of which I’m very proud. Massimo has told me that it is the best film that he has ever had done on him. The timing is also fortuitous as the opening of The Vignelli Center for Design Studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology opens today, September 16th.