A Holiday to Remember

When you think about Christmas in New York City a lot of beautiful holiday imagery comes to mind - the giant dead tree at Rockefeller Center, ice skating on the Don's Trump Rink in Central Park, tourists choking the sidewalks in huge lines outside of Juicy Couture on Fifth Avenue. This year, I wanted to share with you a very special sort of New York way to celebrate the holidays.  The guys who park my car throughout 2011 are perfectly nice and they are that much nicer each day closer to Christmas. As a photographer I really appreciate this sentimental card that was left on the passenger seat of my car last week. These portraits of my friends, Diego, Luis, and Omar really capture their dedication and personalities. The Disney Corporation's contribution to this charming exercise in institutionalized gift giving makes it that much more special. Its as if my garage attendants were just three more lovable animated Disney characters holding out their white gloved hands.

In the spirit of Christmas, I can't really blame these guys for wanting a good New York Christmas sized tip. Even though my monthly garage fee is higher than rent for a studio apartment in Austin, the attendants are probably underpaid. Never mind that they occasionally leave white paint marks from the garage's support columns on my car. During the holidays I can usually get them to clean that off for me - all with a smile and that special gleam in their eyes.

Happy Holidays!