Freeze Frame

Although I’m a better photographer and filmmaker than I am a surfer, I do have a passion for riding waves. I’m often inspired to combine those interests through my portraits and documentaries. My latest project captures 50 individual surfers just as they emerged from the frigid winter and spring waters of Montauk’s Ditch Plains beach. The series is called “Freeze Frame”. I’m very excited to announce that the beautiful Hero Beach Club in Montauk is hosting an exhibition of my portraits on Saturday September 21. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the photographs along with a behind the scenes production shot.

190406_SITH_Shellay Drummond_001.jpg
190406_SITH_Raquel Lopez 2?_001.jpg

I set up this canopy to soften the midday light and asked anyone who came out of the water at Ditch Plains beach in Montauk if they’d let me take their portrait. Thankfully, almost no one refused. Each session only lasted about 3 minutes.My subjects were often pretty cold from having just left water temperatures ranging from 35 to 50 degrees. Air temperatures were around 30 to 50 degrees, usually with a stiff wind to make it feel even colder.